I found this course to be very stimulating and thought provoking.  Fr. Alan’s presentation was always very interesting and very well prepared.  The class presentations, the questions and answers were always well done and focused.  This course reinforced my values and beliefs, giving me the courage and the mental and verbal tools to share my faith with those around me.  I have encouraged everyone that I have met to take this amazing course.  I will certainly want to take this course again, when it returns to my area, to gain an even deeper understanding of St. Pope John Paul (The Great)’s important teaching!

Author: Alan Boisclair

Fr. Alan Boisclair is a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC. He is in full time ministry teaching Pope JPII's TOB exclusively throughout the Archdiocese and beyond. Currently he is teaching 9 full 11 Week/22 hour TOB Courses throughout the Archdiocese each year.