I feel this course is so invaluable and critical, that it would be of great value to all Catholics, especially the young adults in high school,  and what a gift to them  if it were incorporated into their curriculum. If I had been the recipient of such a course in my school years, I know it would have clarified and confirmed the echoes of my heart, strengthened  my resolve , and stood me in good stead to ward off the forces  of a deceitful worldview.  I would have avoided the wounds that leave lasting scars!

Author: Alan Boisclair

Fr. Alan Boisclair is a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, BC. He is in full time ministry teaching Pope JPII's TOB exclusively throughout the Archdiocese and beyond. Currently he is teaching 9 full 11 Week/22 hour TOB Courses throughout the Archdiocese each year.